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1 Metre Spike and Fill

Our 'spike and fill' service relieves compaction up to a depth of 1 metre (approx 39"), creating space in old and tired soil and sideways movement in the rootzone.

Precise backfilling with specific graded sands and blends promotes rapid root healing and creates a series of long-lasting drainage ducts which allow water to percolate through and down to the sub soil, leaving a surface that is playable in a very short period of time.

Problems successfully treated include poor drainage, flooding, water logging, puddling and damage to the surface.

Benefits after the 1 metre drill and fill process include deeper root penetration, better grass growth, faster greens, firming of the green, less moss, healthier sward, less disease, better seed germination, less droughting and better overall green condition.

Talk to us about our unique 1 metre system and how it can compliment conventional drill and fill methods and work with our deep vertical drainage systems.
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