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Dear John

Following the drainage work carried out at the club we are pleased to report that it has been very successful. Since completing the work, the long standing problem areas around the 14th green have been carefully monitored by our Course Manager, and even during the heaviest periods of rain they have drained better than ever.

Many thanks to you and your team.

Michael Leith
Golf and Greens
Ashford Manor Golf Club


The recent drainage work that carried out at the club has been a great success. The effects were evident within a few hours of completing the work and after a particularly heavy nights rain the areas worked on were draining better than ever.

In fairness we were confident it would work, as we carried out a series of test installations last year on a few problem areas on the course. Having carefully monitored the areas throughout the year we were convinced the system works and had no hesitation in getting you back to carry out additional work.

The team were totally professional and took great care to ensure there was no damage to the areas they were working on - within an hour of finishing work on one of the greens there were no signs of them being there - even the members were impressed!

The system is so simple - but it works!

Gary Kenny
Course Manager
Ashford Manor Golf Course.

Great news - the drainage work you carried out on our bunkers has worked perfectly - even after constant periods of wet wheather they have drained exceptionally well and we have been able to keep them in play - something that just would not have been possible before you carried out the work.

Silvermere Golf Club

Course manager Stewart McMillan at Mill Ride Golf Course and his father Jack McMillan a renowned expert in Course construction and maintenance had the following to say about the vertical drainage system.

"The problematical 18th greenside bunker was a perfect test case - the system of inserting a vertical drainage pipe has worked well in a previously wet bunker, it was back in play the next day, and after all the resent heavy rain no standing water was present in this bunker. All the work was contained within the confines of the bunker causing no disruption to the immediate area around the bunker or the greenside meaning no costly repairs or returfing was necessary.

I can see lots of other applications for this method of installing vertical drainage through an impervious material down into a free draining stratus giving the benefits we have experienced without the disruption that conventional drainage would cause.”

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