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Surface lying water or areas that have poor drainage problems... Our system is the perfect solution - FAST EFFECTIVE & ECONOMICAL and no damage to your surfaces so no expensive re-turfing or repairs!
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Efficient and effective drainage is essential in maintaining a good quality grass playing surface, whatever type of sporting activity you are using it for.

Water logging or damage to the grass can result in cancellation of games, lost fixtures, disgruntled members, dissatisfied sportsmen and even loss of revenue.

Sports turf surfaces can suffer wear and tear from both excessive use and poor weather conditions. Regular and seasonal maintenance can restore and add life to damaged surfaces providing a high performance surface all year round and happy users.

An efficient drainage system will greatly help to improve the playing field surface, providing you with a better soil structure and better quality grass.

Talk to us about our unique 1 metre spike and fill system and how it can compliment conventional drill and fill methods and work with our deep vertical drainage systems.
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